Jody Houton

The December edition of BeWomen – our series of fireside chats with industry insiders – returned last week, with a discussion between our Chief Intelligence Officer, Fahreen Kurji, and our new Behavox Board member, Catherine Lenson, Chief People Officer and Head of Social Impact at SoftBank Investment Advisors.

Catherine shared numerous interesting anecdotes and inspirational tales from the world of business and investment during the interview, including her unconventional route into the industry, some of her greatest career lessons, and obstacles that she’s faced along the way. 

Catherine also spoke about some of the challenges associated with changing work cultures, such as the dangers posed by unmonitored voice channels. 

“Remote working has thrown up a tonne of challenges that I think we’re only just starting to get to grips with: Fraudulent behavior, improper workplace conduct… all that has moved into voice channels. If things are going on that firms need to be monitoring, the chances are that it’s going to be happening in one of these forums.”

Catherine Lenson, Chief People Officer and Head of Social Impact at SoftBank Investment Advisors

“Firms know that they have to record voice comms, and they’ve been doing it for a while. The question is: how do you monitor it, and what do you do with it? And, to what extent is the monitoring of those channels able to pick up on issues, help with corporate culture, and prevent fraud? That, I think, is the next big challenge and one that Behavox is uniquely qualified to support with. Frankly, it presents a massively important opportunity.”

Another topic discussed was the need to have access to the right technology and the right solutions, especially in international work environments.

“It’s a given that in 2021, if you’re running an international business, you’re going to have to manage that in an international way. If you’re a bad actor, it goes without saying that you’re going to make it as hard as possible for your actions to be detected. Slipping into another language [besides English] is the oldest trick in the book… It’s absolutely table stakes that a top tier financial firm should be able to detect that [improper behavior in non-English] – that’s a given.”

As always, considering one of the main purposes of the BeWomen event is to enable Behavox employees to gain insights from industry insiders, the one-hour fireside chat culminated in a round of Q&A with the Behavox team. 

Click here to watch the full fireside chat.

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