New York, December 2023 – Armstrong Wolfe, a global hub for Financial Services Chief Operating Officers, is proud to announce a strategic alliance with Behavox, the leading provider of AI-driven compliance solutions. This partnership marks a significant step forward in revolutionizing the financial industry’s approach to risk management and operational oversight.

For over a decade, Armstrong Wolfe has been at the forefront of fostering collaboration within the investment banking Chief Control Officer (CCO) community. Through its platform, executives have come together to address regulatory and market-wide challenges related to conduct risk. The organization has been a driving force in integrating first-line business risk and control officers into the leadership teams of Corporate and Investment Banking CCOs and CEOs. As these Control Officers work tirelessly to identify and mitigate emerging risks, they establish controls that safeguard their firms from potential harm.

Maurice Evlyn-Bufton, CEO of Armstrong Wolfe, emphasizes, “In a rapidly evolving landscape, technological innovation and AI play pivotal roles in empowering Chief Controls Officers (CCO’s) to navigate the complexities of today’s world. The ability to effectively surveil operations and continually adapt to evolving threats is paramount for any financial institution.”

In this context, the introduction of Behavox to Armstrong Wolfe via the International COO Community (iCOOC) has been instrumental. The strength of glowing recommendations was coupled with the recognition of Behavox’s impressive track record, the caliber of its team, and the innovation embedded in its product suite. This convergence of factors paved the way for a robust partnership between the two organizations.

Erkin Adylov, CEO and founder of Behavox, affirms, “Armstrong Wolfe has consistently proven itself as a trusted ally to COOs and Chief Control Officers in the financial sector. Consequently, we are thrilled to collaborate with Armstrong Wolfe to empower members of the International COO Community (iCOOC). Our expertise in technological innovation will enrich discussions and provide valuable insights throughout the upcoming year.”

“Armstrong Wolfe’s work in the DE&I space speaks well to Behavox’s interest in this area, and we hope that through our alliance we can advance the progress of women in the financial services sector and better tool tomorrow’s female leaders to take on roles at the top levels of their organization. I look forward to being a part of the Steering Group for the Women in the COO (WCOOC).“Fahreen Kurji, Chief Customer Intelligence Officer, Behavox

Fahreen Kurji, Chief Customer Intelligence Officer at Behavox emphasizes, “The exceptional efforts that Armstrong Wolfe has dedicated to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion align perfectly with the core values of Behavox. This strategic collaboration provides a remarkable opportunity for us to drive forward the advancement of women within the financial services sector. Together, we are committed to actively contributing to the Women in the COO (WCOOC) initiative, igniting positive change at every step. I am thrilled and honored to take on an active role within the Steering Group for this transformative initiative. The prospect of empowering and equipping the next generation of female leaders fills me with immense excitement and inspiration.”

Maurice concludes, “Our shared commitment to advancing diversity, innovation, and operational excellence within the financial industry makes this partnership with Behavox an organic and powerful collaboration. As we move forward, we are excited to extend our focus to the ever-evolving landscape of commodities. Together, we are resolute in our mission to empower the global COO and CCO community, fortifying an industry that stands on the pillars of security, reliability, and resilience.” 

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