Behavox, the leading provider of AI-driven compliance solutions, proudly commemorates the one-year anniversary of the launch of Behavox Quantum AI. This groundbreaking product has revolutionized the way organizations detect and mitigate risks through its advanced AI Risk Policies, empowering compliance teams to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and accuracy.

Since its introduction, Behavox Quantum AI has achieved remarkable milestones, solidifying its position as a game-changer in compliance technology:

Global Presence:
Behavox Quantum AI has been successfully implemented in numerous countries worldwide, including Mexico, Colombia, Japan, Canada, the UK, and the USA. Behavox’s extensive international reach enables us to support customers in multiple countries, reaffirming our commitment to delivering effective compliance solutions on a global scale.

Multilingual Excellence: Behavox Quantum AI boasts exceptional multilingual capabilities that encompass the cultural and compliance nuances of various countries. Behavox Quantum AI’s exceptional multilingual capabilities, designed to incorporate cultural and compliance nuances specific to different countries, have fueled its global rollout. This has empowered organizations across diverse regions to harness its powerful risk management capabilities effectively.

Unprecedented Performance: Behavox Quantum AI has delivered exceptional results, surpassing expectations. By leveraging advanced large language models and generative AI, Behavox has generated a remarkable 60% reduction in the volume of alerts for existing customers while simultaneously increasing the true positive detection rate by an impressive 9 times. In comparison to legacy solutions, Behavox Quantum AI has reduced the volume of alerts by an astounding 98%. An international banking customer enthusiastically stated, “Behavox increased the risk detection rate by 9x, and we represented this to the regulator! Behavox AI is phenomenal.”

Unparalleled Transparency and Auditability: Behavox Quantum AI’s Compliance Knowledge Base, which serves as the foundation for training Behavox large language models and generative AI, has undergone rigorous audits by both customers and regulators. These audits validate Behavox’s commitment to explainability, auditability, and transparency, providing organizations with confidence in the performance and reliability of Behavox Quantum AI.

“As we celebrate the first anniversary of Behavox Quantum AI, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of compliance risk management technology. The success of Behavox Quantum AI over the past year demonstrates our unwavering dedication to empowering organizations with advanced solutions that drive operational efficiency, reduce risks, and foster regulatory compliance,” said Erkin Adylov, CEO of Behavox.

In a culmination of the milestone achieved, we invite you to join us at the AI Summit in London on Thursday, September 14th co-hosted by Google and Behavox. Take advantage of the opportunity to witness the advancements in compliance risk management and experience a live interactive demo of Behavox Quantum AI’s performance.

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