Behavox Joins All-Star Cast of Companies Nominated for Prestigious Awards

NEW YORK–September 09, 2019–Behavox, an enterprise People Analytics software company that provides holistic employee supervision solutions and improves productivity 100x, has been nominated for multiple prestigious awards for its industry-leading software and machine learning offering – joining a slate of nominees that includes some of the world’s most successful and prestigious companies.

Together with fellow contenders including Bloomberg, L.P. and Broadridge Financial Solutions, Behavox is vying for “Best Data Management Solution” in the 2019 Fund Intelligence Operations and Services Awards, and against EY, Refinitiv and Broadridge for “Best Risk Management Solution.”

Winners will be announced on October 10.

Erkin Adylov, Founder and CEO of Behavox, said, “We couldn’t be more honored or humbled to be on the nominee list next to some of the world’s most successful enterprises. This is an especially great honor for our team around the world, whose work every day is helping our clients transform the productivity and performance of their companies.”

About Behavox Ltd.
Behavox is the fast growing, pioneering People Analytics company that helps organizations transform behavior in the workplace. Where others see mountains of data, we see behavioral signals hidden in big data. Making sense of these signals is the true driver of competitive differentiation and performance.

Today’s workplace has become a vast and complex digital domain – where the success, risks and failures of organizations are contained within an invisible digital factory. The key problem facing management teams is discovering, promoting, and scaling employee behaviors that drive success. Our Behavioral OS mines behavioral signals inside the digital workplace and presents actionable insights to management teams, turning them into superhumans who can transform productivity and performance.

Behavox increases productivity 100x – which is why organizations large and small are joining the People Analytics movement. Be among the first to drive your business with Behavioral OS.

Behavox is headquartered in New York City, with offices in London, Singapore, Montreal and San Francisco. For more information and to learn about 100x, visit here.

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