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Behavox invites you to the “Voice and Legacy Roundtable NYC.” Join us to gain valuable insights into addressing the challenges of voice analytics in surveillance programs.

What will you gain from the event?

    1. Strategies for generating high-quality alerts from low-quality transcripts: We’ll also discuss ways to fine-tune legacy transcription engines and integrate them with modern AI-driven tools, ensuring better alert quality
    2. Insights into the effectiveness of random samples and lexicon scenarios: Participants will learn how to optimize lexicon scenarios for specific industries and legacy data sources, ensuring a more precise identification of risky communications.
    3. Solutions for consolidating disparate sources of voice data: Participants will gain insights into legacy data integration techniques, including data migration strategies, data format standardization, and API-based connections.

Behavox roundtables are in-person only, governed by Chatham House rules. No video or audio recording is permitted.



October 24, 2023


8:00 AM – 10:00 AM EST


601 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10022
(Room: Supply Suite)

Time Overview
8:00AM Breakfast
8:30AM Roundtable

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