Lee Walton

On June 18 Behavox were joined by clients, regulators and industry leaders at the Ritz-Carlton in downtown Montreal to unveil a special project: Behavox Quantum.

Attendees were able to take test drives of Quantum and network with the best minds in the field.

Our CCIO Fahreen Kurji detailed how this incredible innovation has been three years in the making and the time to see it live is finally upon us, and the feedback so far has been incredible:

This solution is the culmination of our efforts over the last three years, and leverages technology that wasn’t available until 2021. The feedback we’ve received thus far is that Behavox Quantum is the future of AI and machine learning. There is nothing like it in the marketplace today – it is a quantum leap forward in compliance solutions.

The event provided a clear demonstration to attendees of how traditional rule based systems simply cannot compete with the AI core of Behavox Quantum, you’ve probably checked out the product overview by now, so you know how Behavox Quantum stats don’t just stack up against the competition, it blows them out of the water. But seeing is believing! And that’s why test drives and feedback were so intriguing at this event.

Amongst the attendees was our very own Milagros Daglio, Platform Specialist at Behavox, who took guests for a test drive of Behavox Quantum, and here’s what she had to say:

Giving clients a first glimpse at Behavox Quantum has been a great privilege. Quantum test drives are an interactive way to allow users to experience the high quality alerts that Behavox creates. During the Test Drive, we were able to see the real-time excitement of attendees’ reaction to viewing the content Quantum is able to flag. The experience was very hands-on, with attendees asking somewhat starstruck at the difference between traditional solutions and Quantum and excitement at how quickly they can get this revolutionary new solution implemented.

As terrific as this amazing event was, it was simply a taster. The best is yet to come.

Artificial Intelligence & Compliance Conference

Don’t miss out on the main event, The Behavox AI in Compliance and Security Conference which will be held in our company HQ in Montreal.

At this exclusive in-person only conference we’re relaunching our pre-COVID tradition of inviting our customers as well as regulators, AI industry leaders and partners to our HQ to deep dive into workshops and keynote speeches on compliance, security and AI and test drive the greatest innovation the compliance landscape has ever seen.

Join us to learn about the next generation of artificial intelligence where we will present the future of:

  • AI enabled Machine Learning scenarios;
  • Compliance model risk documentation;
  • Quality assurance framework for artificial intelligence;
  • Continuous learning for voice transcription; and
  • New more reliable, scalable execution engine for AI models

There will be keynote speeches, networking, test drives and 17 Innovation Paddocks where guests will be able to learn more detail directly from the engineers and data scientists behind Behavox innovations.

Sounds good? Of course it does!

Register now to reserve your spot to this quantum leap at The Behavox AI in Compliance and Security Conference.