Jody Houton

We are pleased to announce that our MS Teams integration has received unprecedented adoption.

Since we launched our MS Teams integration in early 2021, it’s been adopted by 60% of customers, empowering their employees to collaborate while ensuring regulatory requirements are met.

Teams has been widely adopted but it’s imperative that the use of the platform doesn’t come at the cost of a compliance gap. Behavox is empowering enterprises and their employees to collaborate on a global scale while also meeting their regulatory requirements and monitoring for risk across both chat and voice data.

Lindsey Kemmerich, Global Head of Customer Success at Behavox

Enabling customers to use MS Teams compliantly while maintaining the highest security standards is paramount to Behavox. Our solutions connect to MS Teams by using the most secure, robust, and seamless method of integration, endorsed by Microsoft. 

We value security, scalability, and speed here at Behavox and our method of integration has been developed in collaboration with Microsoft and endorsed by security teams across our customer base.

Gagan Gulati, Chief Product Officer at Behavox

Microsoft Teams data is just one of 150 data types that Behavox is able to aggregate and analyze across voice, email, instant messaging, social media, video conferencing, and other corporate communications applications.