Jody Houton

The latest edition of Radar, the financial industry’s go-to publication for news, views, and interviews from the world of compliance and corporate governance is now available to download for free.

In Radar 13, we explore the steps taken by emerging financial markets, such as India, which are implementing new insider trading laws, and rapidly building new surveillance technology. We also take a trip to Dubai to examine the impact of a recently opened court that will exclusively hear financial crime cases.

As always, we also have an assortment of interviews with interesting industry insiders and thought leaders, such as Angus MacGregor, Global Head of HR at MUFG, who discusses the challenges of ensuring consistency across regions with different regulators, and much more. 

We also sit down with Behavox’s newest Board member, Catherine Lenson, Managing Partner at SoftBank Investment Advisers who explains why empathy and innovation must always be present in Softbank investments.

We also look ahead at the top five trends in the world of compliance for 2022 and beyond.

For all these stories and much more, download Radar 13 now.