United States


New York, New York

Charges banks and hedge funds an average of $500,000 for a system compliance officers can use to monitor traders for potential insider trading, market manipulation and even threats like the leak of proprietary data. Behavox’ AI algorithms screen email and chat data, while its voice biometrics can track phone calls on loud trading decks.

Funding: $20 million from Index Ventures, Hoxton Ventures, Citigroup and others

Latest valuation: $300 million

Bona fides: Used by more than 40 companies, including some of Wall Street’s biggest banks, quantitative funds and buyout firms. Profitable and adding customers at a record pace, Behavox has 160 employees and revenues grew 130% in 2019

Founder & CEO: Erkin Adylov, 36, a Kyrgyzstan-born former Goldman analyst and hedge fund portfolio manager