3,000x more effective than existing solutions. Behavox QuantumTM is the leading AI compliance solution in the marketplace and is the future!

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Many lead with noise, we are leading with substance.

This table is all that matters.

Category Behavox QuantumTM Lexicon Benefit
Total Ingested Content 1,000,000 1,000,000
Total available True Positives 100 100
Content Identified by ML as Spam, Threading, Distribution, News etc 350,000 0 Less compute required to run core ML
Content after filtering 650,000 1,000,000 -35% less content to process
Number of alerts 290 32,000 -99.09% less alerts to review
Number of True Positive 80 2 40X more bad actors identified
Number of False Positives 210 31,998 152X less false alerts and noise
80% 2% 80% of all possible bad actors caught
28% 0.01% Every 1 in 4 alerts are relevant
F1 Score
41% 0.01% 3,292X better accuracy catching bad actors
Effectiveness (TPs, alerts)
27.59% 0.006% 4,413X improvement in effectiveness of surveillance

1Did the model get all business risks? Low recall means we are missing business risks, but high recall might lead to more false positives.

2 What percentage of alerts are relevant? Low precision means too many false positives

3 F1 balances Recall and Precision. Golden middle between two metrics

4 Did the model work equally well filtering out spam AND catching bad actors?

Behavox Quantum is a Holistic Security Solution

To read more on this Quantum leap, see our press release

Press Release

Behavox QuantumTM Works in Multiple Languages

Featuring a built-in translator that extends coverage of surveillance teams to multiple languages.

Welcome to the Future of Compliance

Behavox QuantumTM has a brand new AI execution engine and a brand new AI architecture

Behavox QuantumTM was benchmarked vs lexicon driven products and demonstrated consistently at least 3,000X better model accuracy and performance

These changes were put through rigorous scientific tests to objectively compare the accuracy and efficiency of Behavox QuantumTM


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