AI powered solution with unmatched true positives detection capability and feedback loop for continuous improvement

Behavox Quantum provides an AI powered solution with trusted best-in-class true positive detection capability to catch bad actors and protect your organization. It also incorporates a feedback loop mechanism for continuous detection rate improvement.

Client Testimonials

Behavox true positives have paid off the system 10x over in the first few months of deployment.

Head of Surveillance,
US Hedge Fund

The conduct alerts allowed us to clean up our act and find bad people in the organization.

Head of Communication Surveillance,
European Investment Bank

True positives Behavox found made up for failures in other security systems, Behavox was the only system that generated alerts when other systems missed exfiltration of IP.

US Hedge Fund

Whenever we identify true positives we self report and get commendation from the regulator. We now have a great reputation with the regulator as a bank that is proactively trying to do something about risk and culture of compliance.

Head of Surveillance,
European Investment Bank

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