Jody Houton

The latest edition of Radar magazine, featuring comprehensive analysis from the world of finance, compliance, and corporate governance, is published today.

The quarterly magazine features articles, interviews, and commentary from the Behavox Regulatory Content Group, as well as executives from the financial services, professional services, and compliance regulatory arenas. 

In this edition of Radar, discover key learnings and industry insights since the pandemic took hold, and what financial compliance teams should be doing to prepare for the indefinite nature of working from home.

The team also speaks with regulatory experts to explore the U.S. Department of Justice’s new guidelines on compliance programs, and takes a trip to Dubai to examine the catastrophic downfall of a once mighty private equity group.

Radar 9 also features an investigation into new Japanese legislation that forces firms to address their corporate bullying culture, and asks what’s next for Japan’s regimented hierarchical work structure. Staying in Asia, the Radar team explores the likely impact of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority’s Banking Talent Program on the region’s banking industry.

The Radar team also revisits the Apollo 11 space mission as part of the 2020 Fearless Steps Challenge, which presented participants with the task of unscrambling 19,000 hours of raw, crackly analog voice data. Interestingly, the analysis of the Apollo 11 mission data revealed remarkable similarities (channel distortion, incorrect grammar, informal use of language) with the corporate voice data that Behavox typically processes on busy trading floors, providing a welcome obstacle course to stress-test future-facing technology solutions for compliance teams.

For all of these stories and more, download Radar 9 here.