Fahreen Kurji, former Head of Behavox Customer Success, to provide workplace intelligence, insights and analysis to growing customer base

Montreal – Aug 26, 2021 – Behavox, which provides insights to protect enterprises and their employees from illegal, immoral, and malicious behavior, today announced the appointment of Fahreen Kurji as Chief Customer Intelligence Officer, responsible for the external elevation and communication of the company’s industry-leading insights and innovative product offerings.

“Fahreen has seen first-hand how the world’s most innovative companies harness the power of Behavox insights to help create a fair, safe, and productive workplace,” said Erkin Adylov, Founder & CEO of Behavox. “Her experiences and analysis are of tremendous value to our customers. She has a vision of today’s modern moral workplace where companies can take action to preserve their reputations and employees are secure and confident to do their very best work. Her stories and lessons learned from the front lines of today’s workplace are very impactful.”

Prior to her new role, Kurji successfully led and scaled the Behavox customer success team, overseeing the company’s expansion into new regions. Her knowledge of the challenges being faced by global enterprises, and the cutting-edge technology that helps to solve those challenges, gives her a unique perspective that has made her an industry-leading analyst and commentator.

“Over the past five years, I’ve watched how large enterprises leverage Behavox to provide their teams with the insights they need to protect their business and employees,” Kurji said. “Even though the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation around the world, many enterprises are yet to implement technology that enables employees to be productive on communication channels without compromising on compliance or mitigating risk. Behavox has an essential role to play as enterprises finally start to unlock the value in their communications data and I’m looking forward to sharing that message far and wide.”

Kurji is dedicated to elevating diverse perspectives and fostering untapped talent. She created the first Behavox employee development group, BeWomen, an initiative that enables the company’s growing, global workforce to have access to industry insiders and thought leaders.

About Behavox:

Behavox is the leading provider of AI-driven compliance and security solutions, empowering organizations to proactively detect and mitigate human risks within the organization. Behavox leverages large language models and generative AI to transform how compliance and security teams manage risks and safeguard organizational integrity. Through innovative products such as Behavox Voice and Behavox Insider Threat, Behavox continues to shape the future of compliance and security risk management.

More information about the company is available at www.behavox.com


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